Spiders Like

by: poolshark Follow

These spiders were made with 208 dots and 24 bars each. I didn't feel counting the webs was important enough. They are mounted on my metal cabinet at my work desk as Halloween decorations. Maybe I'll be bit by one and develope the super power to manipulate magnetic objects with my hands (oops too late). HA!


  • Huffs - 3 years ago
    I can't tell you how impressed and creeped out I am at this spider and web...all at the same time.

    Much respect for having them at work to freak out your coworkers. Love that idea :)
  • SoCalGal - 3 years ago
    I don't like spiders, but these are very nicely done. Good work.
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    Wow ... the legs look fantastic on it (gr8 idea) ... everything about the design and presentation is Awesome !
  • Gustoph - 2 years 2 months ago
    I wish I could hit the like button 100 more times! The cylinder legs on the spider climbing its web are just awesome! What an unique idea! Thanks for sharing this one! It isn't something that I'll soon forget!!!!