Enormously Gigantic Pentagonal Bypyramid (35 Dots/Edge)

  • 1621 8122 1372861693
  • 1621 4664 1372861710
  • 1621 1517 1372861727
  • 1621 3350 1372861741
  • 1621 8739 1372861752
  • 1621 7697 1372861765
  • 1621 6743 1372861777
  • 1621 9143 1373041811
    These last 3 use every single dot I own 36444...xD :)
    78 pound bundle of joy and fun!!!
    Penta Pal is a great conversation piece as well as a great way to relieve all that daily stress. It's a great listener, whether it's a quick 2-5 minute rant or an all day affair. It'll listen to each and every work and not be judgemental in any way.
    It will definitely stay wherever you put it and it's not like those pet rocks where someone can easily pocket it and walk out of your house with it...lol.
    Even better yet, it can also share in your moods with you. If your happy, you can make it look happy by changing it's facial features. Forget Mr.& Mrs. Potato Head when you have Penta Pal. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can add to it. No need to wait for new part to be made and put in the stores, you create each one yourself...xD :)
    In a sad mood, create a sad face for it, mad create a mad one...or just feel weird & crazy you can create that style too....Limited by your own imagination, you can't go wrong with Penta Pal.
    JUST DON'T NAME IT * WILSON*  that could lead to some strange traumatic events happening...lol  (Just ask Tom Hanks..he'll vouch for that!!..xD :))
  • 1621 7645 1373041819
  • 1621 9683 1373041826
Created By waynehjr1
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Enormously Gigantic Pentagonal Bypyramid (35 Dots/Edge)

Created By waynehjr1
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